Enhanced Cyber Resilience Threat Detection with IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy and IBM QRadar


Published 13 August 2021, updated 15 October 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738459879
ISBN-13: 9780738459875
(52 pages)

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The focus of this document is to demonstrate an early threat detection by using IBM® QRadar® and the Safeguarded Copy feature that is available as part of IBM FlashSystem® and IBM SAN Volume Controller. Such early detection protects and quickly recovers the data if a cyberattack occurs.

This document describes integrating IBM FlashSystem audit logs with IBM QRadar, and the configuration steps for IBM FlashSystem and IBM QRadar. It also explains how to use the IBM QRadar’s device support module (DSM) editor to normalize events and assign IBM QRadar identifier (QID) map to the events.

Post IBM QRadar configuration, we review configuring Safeguarded Copy on the application volumes by using volume groups and applying Safeguarded backup polices on the volume group.
Finally, we demonstrate the use of orchestration software IBM Copy Services Manager to start a recovery, restore operations for data restoration on online volumes, and start a backup of data volumes.

Table of contents

Executive summary
Safeguarded Copy feature
IBM QRadar
Solution overview
Control path use cases
Data path use case
Lab setup
Custom log source
IBM QRadar sample rules
Custom actions
Appendix A

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