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Published 19 February 2016

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ISBN-10: 0738455105
ISBN-13: 9780738455105
IBM Form #: REDP-5337-00
(32 pages)

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Authors: Keith Winnard, Jose Gilberto Biondo Jr, Rafael Carvalho A. Lima

SDSF Enhancements and what you need to know.


This Learn Adopt Deploy (LAD) IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the new SDSF functionality that is available through functionality program temporary fixes (PTFs). SDSFAUX is a new address space that enhances SDSF functionality to provide more system-related information to the user. This paper includes information to help you meet the following goals:

- Learn about the new SDSF functionality.
- Adopt the software into your environment.
- Deploy and integrate SDSFAUX into your operational environments.

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