IBM XIV Storage System Multi-Site Mirroring

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Published 15 September 2014

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IBM Form #: REDP-5129-00
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Authors: Bertrand Dufrasne, Christian Burns, Wenzel Kalabza, Sandor Lengyel, Patrick Schill, Christian Schoessler


Introduced with the IBM® XIV® Storage System software v11.5, the multi-site mirroring function, also referred to as the 3-way mirroring in the XIV GUI, enables world-class high availability and disaster recovery capabilities. As such, the function also enables clients to comply with business, government, and industry-driven requirements and regulations.

Essentially, 3-way mirroring as implemented in XIV provides you with:

  • Three concurrent copies of data
  • Simple failover and failback mechanism, while keeping data mirrored to ensure business continuity and guarantees:[
    – Minimized risk for data outage, service availability, and low business impact in general
    – Expedited failover and data restoration in the event of disaster
  • Negligible performance impact, by building upon the ultra-efficient, field proven, XIV remote mirroring technology.[

This paper describes the 3-way mirroring basic concepts, terminology, and practical usage. It contains several use cases (failover/failback scenarios) for disaster recovery.

Table of contents

3-way mirroring overview
3-way mirroring definition and terminology
3-way mirroring characteristics
Setting up 3-way mirroring
Disaster recovery scenarios with 3-way mirroring

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