Integrated Law Enforcement: A Holistic Approach to Solving Crime

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Published 23 June 2014

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ISBN-10: 0738453889
ISBN-13: 9780738453880
IBM Form #: REDP-5116-00
(16 pages)

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Authors: Stephen Dalzell, Barbara Kennedy


IBM® i2® Integrated Law Enforcement is a single solution that supports three primary types of user communities with three major logical components:

  • Intelligent Operations, serving the command and operational community
  • Intelligence Analysis, serving the analyst and investigative community
  • Integrated Policing, serving the front line officer community

i2 Integrated Law Enforcement offers a modular design and flexible deployment options. Agencies can choose to deploy the entire preconfigured law enforcement solution or they can gradually deploy modules prioritizing their most pressing business needs – allowing ROI to be established at the early stages of a project. Its modular design allows i2 Integrated Law Enforcement to integrate with any part of an organization's information structure.

This IBM Redguide™ publication describes the IBM i2 Integrated Law Enforcement business value and the solution capabilities, which include a modular design that enables organizations to deploy the solution in phases according to their most pressing needs. This guide is intended as an introduction for law enforcement executives and individuals evaluating advanced law enforcement software solutions for their organizations.

Table of contents

Executive overview
Business value
Modular design: Integrated modules - one solution
Integrated Operations: Serving the command and operational community
Intelligence Analysis: Serving the analyst and investigative community
Integrated Policing: Serving the front line officer community
Integrated law enforcement: Extending the value of integration
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