Best Practices for WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation for z/OS, V5.1

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This Redpaper will help systems programmers and WebSphere administrators exploit WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation (WBISF) functions.

It covers the functional implementation on z/OS and includes information about how to install and configure WBISF for z/OS, V5.1 for high performance applications.

It contains guidelines and best practices to set up the Process Choreographer environment. It points out specific issues with SMP/E, ports and naming conventions, CEI and DB2, WebSphere MQ, security, BPE, and tuning, and provides recommendations how to tackle them.

This paper also introduces business process concepts and a number of ways to construct them in a comprehensive and efficient manner. The discussion includes the business process itself, compensation, audit logging using the Common Event Infrastructure, versioning, the underlying process language, and Web Service invocation.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introducing WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation for z/OS V5.1
Chapter 2. Setting up the Process Choreographer environment
Chapter 3. Creating and deploying business processes
Chapter 4. Summary


Publish Date
16 February 2006

Last Update
24 February 2006

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