Benefits of eXFlash Memory-Channel Storage in Enterprise Solutions

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Lenovo eXFlash memory-channel storage is an innovative high performance solid-state storage device that closes the disk I/O performance gap by connecting the flash memory module directly to a DDR3 memory bus using a standard DIMM form factor.

eXFlash DDR3 Storage DIMMs offer ultralow latency, highly scalable storage technology that helps decrease overall total cost of ownership (TCO) with the efficient use of server resources, faster response time, and lower software, power, cooling, and management costs.

This paper describes server performance imbalance that can be found in typical application environments. It also describes how to address the issue with the eXFlash DIMMs to provide required levels of scalability, performance, and availability for the storage-intensive applications.

Changes in the December 8 update:
* eXFlash DIMMs now supported with Microsoft Windows Server

Table of contents

* Executive summary
* Introduction
* Benefits
* Positioning
* Technical overview
* Use cases
* Performance benchmarking
* Conclusion


Publish Date
18 February 2014

Last Update
08 December 2014

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