RESTful API Support in IBM XIV

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Representational State Transfer (REST) is a simple stateless architecture that essentially uses existing web technology and protocols, essentially Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

In the last few years, REST has emerged as a predominant web service design model. It is a simpler alternative to SOAP. The RESTful application programming interface (API) establishes a mapping between create, read, update, and delete operations and the corresponding HTTP actions POST, GET, PUT and DELETE.

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication briefly describes the RESTful API, and demonstrates how clients can use it to build a common management console for their IBM XIV® storage, and for other storage devices that support the RESTful API. The RESTful interface focuses on the components’ roles and resources, and ignores their internal implementation details. The RESTful API is a server-client model. Therefore, the requests are sent to a server that is component-aware, therefore masking the intricate details from the users.

A RESTful API implementation is provided for the XIV clients so that they can develop their own management infrastructure around it. The storage cloud administrators and the users also benefit from a common storage console based on the RESTful API.

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06 February 2014

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