Lenovo X6 Servers: Technical Overview

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The increasing demand for cloud computing and business analytical workloads by enterprises to meet business needs drives innovation to find new ways to build informational systems. Clients are looking for cost-optimized fit-for-purpose IT solutions that manage large amounts of data, easily scale performance, and provide reliable real-time access to actionable information.

Built on decades of innovation, Lenovo introduces its sixth generation of Enterprise X-Architecture® technology, Lenovo X6 servers. X6 servers are designed to be fast, agile, and resilient:
* Fast application performance means immediate access to actionable information.
* Agile system design helps to reduce acquisition costs and provide the ability to host multiple generations of technology in a single server.
* Resilient platforms maximize application uptime and promote easy integration in virtual environments.

X6 servers continue to lead the way as the shift toward mission-critical scalable databases, business analytics, virtualization, enterprise applications, and cloud applications accelerates.

Changes in the January 20 update:
* X6 products rebranded
* FlashCache Storage Accelerator removed

Table of contents

Introduction to X6
X6 systems overview
X6 systems design and architecture
Processor subsystem
Memory subsystem
Storage subsystem
Networking and I/O
X6 server RAS features


Publish Date
18 February 2014

Last Update
20 January 2015

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