Taming the Data Beast with Tarmin GridBank and the IBM XIV Storage System

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The data growth explosion is forcing businesses to make storage management decisions that directly affect future company viability. Although different industries might have some data management issues that are specific to the industry, most of them have similar challenges that require shifts in how their data is stored, controlled, and managed.

This IBM® Redguide™ publication explains how the Tarmin™ GridBank Data Management Platform™ transforms the way organizations manage, scale, search, and gain value from unstructured data by uniting application, information, and storage tiers into a single, integrated data-centric management architecture. There is also a focus on how well IBM XIV® storage systems (with an infrastructure that is designed for Big Data Analytics and cloud ready) fit into the GridBank architecture for solving current storage management challenges. Together, Tarmin GridBank and IBM XIV can tame the data beast.

Table of contents

Executive Overview
Data Defined Storage: The GridBank Data Management Platform
The IBM XIV Storage System value proposition
Why GridBank and the IBM XIV Storage System make a great fit
Configurations from use cases


Publish Date
14 November 2013

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