IBM PureFlex Solution for Cloud Backup and Recovery: Private Cloud Disaster Recovery Strategies

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IBM® PureFlex™ System, an expert integrated system, offers a cloud-enabled integrated server, storage, and networking platform that delivers intelligent workload deployment and scalable IT resource pools. PureFlex System increases security and resiliency to promote maximum uptime, and integrated and easy-to-use systems management reduces setup time and complexity, providing a quicker path to return on investment (ROI). Although PureFlex System provides highly resilient and flexible cloud infrastructure that supports 24x7 local operational environments, one of the key organizational business requirements is the ability to recover IT applications and data that support critical business processes quickly in case of disaster.

This IBM Redpaper™ describes disaster recovery strategies in the PureFlex System private cloud environment that is built with IBM SmartCloud® Entry running on IBM x86 and IBM POWER® compute nodes. This paper describes two-site disaster recovery approaches that use the storage replication capabilities of the IBM Flex System™ V7000 Storage Node, IBM Flex System FC5022 16Gb SAN Scalable Switches and FC adapters, IBM System Storage SAN06B-R multiprotocol routers, IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager backup and recovery technologies, and automated platform-specific disaster recovery solutions, such as VMware Site Recovery Manager or IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® Enterprise Edition. This paper is for IT professionals who are interested in learning about common strategies for achieving disaster recovery objectives in the PureFlex System-based private
cloud environment.

Table of contents

IBM PureFlex System private cloud solution components
IBM PureFlex System disaster recovery concepts
IBM PureFlex System disaster recovery solutions


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10 June 2013

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