IBM System x Reference Architecture for Hadoop: IBM InfoSphere BigInsights Reference Architecture

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The IBM® System x® reference architecture is a predefined and optimized hardware infrastructure for IBM InfoSphere® BigInsights™ 2.1, which is a distribution of Apache Hadoop with value-added capabilities that are specific to IBM. The reference architecture provides a predefined hardware configuration for implementing InfoSphere BigInsights 2.1 on System x hardware. The reference architecture can be implemented in two ways to support MapReduce workloads or Apache HBase workloads.

  • MapReduce is a core component of Hadoop that provides an offline, batch-oriented framework for high-throughput data access and distributed computation.
  • Apache HBase is a schemaless, No-SQL database that is built upon Hadoop to provide high throughput random data reads and writes and data caching.

The predefined configuration provides a baseline configuration for an InfoSphere BigInsights cluster and provides modifications for an InfoSphere BigInsights cluster that is running HBase. The predefined configurations can be modified based on the specific customer requirements, such as lower cost, improved performance, and increase reliability.

Table of contents

Business problem and business value
Reference architecture use
InfoSphere BigInsights predefined configuration
InfoSphere BigInsights HBase predefined configuration
Deployment considerations
Customizing the predefined configurations
Predefined configuration bill of materials


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10 June 2013

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