Empowering your Ad Hoc Business with IBM Business Process Manager

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 04 June 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738450995
ISBN-13: 9780738450995
IBM Form #: REDP-4995-00
(122 pages)

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Authors: Lisa Dyer, Franclim Bento, Stuart Jones, Stu Leibowitz, Jared Michalec

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In the context of daily business, ad hoc processes are those activities and events that occur within an organization's operations that typically are undocumented or unmonitored. At times, these ad hoc processes can seem chaotic and unpredictable. In many cases, these "off the platform" processes represent an opportunity for you to realize visibility into your organization operations. By taking advantage of the benefits of business process management (BPM) and IBM® Business Process Manager solutions, you can bring order and stability to these business processes and improve the organization's agility in order to stay adaptive and competitive.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication presents examples and a case study that illustrate how having a choice of where on the ad hoc spectrum you operate your business is both necessary and vital to producing better outcomes and achieving agility. You need agility to stay relevant and to survive. The intent of the prescriptive framework in this paper is to give you the confidence and motivation to choose how much business agility you want and to begin achieving it. This paper is intended for Executive Sponsors, Team Leaders, Lead Architects, and anyone interested in adding business agility and ad hoc processes to their enterprise.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. The ad hoc spectrum
Chapter 3. Applying the ad hoc spectrum to your business
Chapter 4. Implementing solutions for your ad hoc business
Chapter 5. Ad hoc process examples
Chapter 6. Case study: How Banco Espirito Santo approached ad hoc processes
Chapter 7. Next steps

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