Accelerating Collaboration and Productivity by Taking Advantage of Social Business

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Published 24 January 2013, updated 24 January 2013

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IBM Form #: REDP-4982-00
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Authors: Rawn Shah, William Hassell


Companies are constantly challenged by how they can become more adaptive and agile, more creative and innovative, and more efficient and resilient. They seek collective intelligence both from their employees and from their consumers. They want the ability to exchange knowledge and to collect and evaluate feedback and ideas. At the same time, they want to improve communication, productivity, and employee and customer satisfaction. While employees are demanding social tools in the workplace for better collaboration and communication, companies are at a crossroads about whether implementing such tools is the best approach for running and leading their business, for becoming a social business.

Social business represents a significant transformational opportunity for organizations. Many companies are now realizing the value of applying social approaches, internally and externally. By using social business technology, the boundaries of location and organization no longer inhibit effective collaboration among employees. Social business technology is a simple and effective solution to help employees find and interact with other employees whose expertise applies to the task at hand.

This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication highlights the value of social business in helping to build a smarter workforce and to create exceptional customer experiences. It also showcases the IBM Platform for Social Business as a solution to manage and distribute expertise in your company.

Table of contents

A crossroads for a growing and complex business
Collaboration built on collective knowledge
Extended networks through openness
What's next: How IBM can help

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