Managing Risk and Compliance for Privileged Users by Deploying a Centralized Provisioning and Single Sign-On Solution

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Every organization that deploys an IT infrastructure needs privileged users. Privileged users include administrators, operators, and managers. Privileged users are typically granted administrative or special rights to manage business-critical resources. These resources include operating systems; databases; network devices; ERP systems; and many other applications, systems, and platforms.

Privileged users use IDs with escalated privileges to access various resources. If these IDs, called privileged IDs, are not properly managed, they can cause accountability and compliance issues and increase the risk for sabotage and data theft.

The trends towards data center consolidation, cloud computing, and virtualization generate even more privileged IDs in today’s IT infrastructures. Increased outsourcing trends create an even greater need to centrally manage and secure privileged IDs. High-profile corporate accounting scandals and wide-spread financial turmoil created an environment of ever tightening government regulations around the world. These regulations articulate technical accountability issues with which organizations must comply or face financial and criminal penalties. Industry standards became more specific about data security and the privileged accounts that can access that data. Maintaining compliance with these standards and asserting compliance with government regulations demand appropriate control and handling of privileged accounts.

IBM® Security Privileged Identity Manager provides a solution for organizations with the above concerns. It includes:

  • An identity management and account provisioning component that helps an organization centrally manage and audit the use of privileged IDs across different scenarios.
  • An enterprise single sign-on component that provides privileged users with a seamless user experience for access to resources using privileged IDs.

This IBM Redpaper™ document provides a technical overview of IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager.

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IBM Privileged Identity Manager
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15 March 2013

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20 March 2013

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