Taking Advantage of Cloud Computing to Meet Today's Business Needs

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Companies today deal with a high degree of uncertainty, expanded regulation, rapid technology innovation, shorter product cycles, and global competition. To remain competitive, businesses must drive more value from assets, improve decision making under volatile conditions, and increase agility to react rapidly to changes and to reconfigure their business.

Cloud computing offers reduced capital and operational expenses and delivers benefits in the following areas:

  • A path to higher efficiency
  • Agility in innovation and response
  • Quality and dependability
  • Increased security
  • Efficiency in governance and standardization
  • Time-to-value in delivery, consumption, and operation of IT services
  • Transparency for clientele
  • New opportunities for growth

This IBM® Redbooks® Point-of-View publication describes how to use IBM SmartCloud solutions to meet the challenges of adopting cloud computing within your enterprise.

Table of contents

The challenges of adopting cloud computing
Making cloud computing beneficial for your enterprise
Successful cloud-computing implementations
What's next: How IBM can help

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Publish Date
03 December 2012

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07 December 2012

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