IBM z/OS Global Mirror Planning, Operations, and Best Practices

An IBM Redpaper publication


IBM® z/OS® Global Mirror (zGM), also known as Extended Remote Copy (XRC), is a combined hardware and software solution that offers the highest levels of continuous data availability in a disaster recovery (DR) and workload movement environment. Available for the IBM DS8000® Storage System, zGM provides an asynchronous remote copy solution.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication takes you through best practices for planning, tuning, operating, and monitoring a zGM installation.

This publication is intended for clients and storage administrators who need to understand and maintain a zGM environment.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM z/OS Global Mirror overview
Chapter 2. Considerations about z/OS Global Mirror planning
Chapter 3. Scenarios for installation deployment and upgrade
Chapter 4. Keeping your z/OS Global Mirror environment working correctly
Chapter 5. Tuning z/OS Global Mirror
Chapter 6. Scenarios for ongoing operations
Chapter 7. Data migration
Appendix A. Checklists for z/OS Global Mirror


Publish Date
20 October 2013

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