Creating Mobile Applications Using the IBM Intelligent Pervasive Platform

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This IBM® Redpaper™ publication highlights the Intelligent Pervasive Platform (IPP) offering from IBM. This offering provides a comprehensive, open architecture framework for mobile applications. By using the IPP, mobile applications can seamlessly deliver customized information and services to mobile users, based on their profile and location data.

This paper provides the information necessary to help you understand and use the IPP to create mobile applications. It includes the following information and more:

  • An overview of the IPP, its high-level component diagram, key IPP services, and IPP architectures
  • Software and hardware requirements for the IPP and the process to install and configure the IPP
  • The IPP data model and how to use the data model in client applications
  • Procedures for creating an IPP-based application and examples of using the IPP

The paper is written for mobile application developers and others who are interested in using the IPP to create mobile applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Intelligent Pervasive Platform
Chapter 2. Installing the Intelligent Pervasive Platform
Chapter 3. Inside the Intelligent Pervasive Platform
Chapter 4. Examples of using the Intelligent Pervasive Platform


Publish Date
14 May 2012

Last Update
17 May 2012

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