IBM CICS System Management: New Features in Version 4.2

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 23 January 2012

Authors: Dave Williams, Mayur Raja, Colin Penfold


CICS® Transaction Server (CICS TS) is the IBM® general-purpose transaction processing software for z/OS®. It is a powerful application server that meets the transaction-processing needs of both large and small enterprises. It builds on z/OS and System z® facilities to provide high availability and scalability at a low cost per transaction. It supports large transaction volumes with a fast and consistent response time.

CICS TS for z/OS handles billions of transactions a week. Companies around the world rely on their CICS systems in their daily operation. The administration, management of workload, and efficient operation of these systems is also important, and many customers rely on the use of CICSPlex® System Manager, the CICS Explorer®, or both for this purpose.

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