An Analytics and Business Intelligence Solution Using IBM Smart Analytics System on eX5 Servers

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In today’s business growth, data is being generated at an incredible rate. At the same time, the move toward real-time computing requires faster and more reliable data access, especially when databases are used to drive client-facing applications. Some data is structured, residing in relational databases that are distributed throughout the business, but far more data is unstructured, residing in emails, call center logs, documents, web pages, and multimedia files, to name only a few repositories.

Most businesses understand the tremendous value locked within these varied data repositories. Businesses use data warehouses, data marts and analytics tools to aggregate and analyze important segments of their data. When implemented successfully, these solutions deliver substantial and measurable business value, helping business leaders better understand their clients, competitors and operations, and also helping them identify opportunities, risks and inefficiencies.

In this IBM® Redpaper™ publication, we discuss the specific benefits, advantages and features of the IBM Smart Analytics System working with IBM System x® eX5 servers. Using sample configurations, we illustrate how these systems together can provide you with advanced business analytics that make them a valuable, powerful, and cost-effective solution for IT organizations.

Table of contents

Ch. 1 Dealing with business growth
Ch. 2 Overview of IBM Smart Analytics System on eX5
Ch. 3 IBM System x eX5 Servers
Ch. 4 Sample configurations
Ch. 5 Value of IBM eX5 and the IBM Smart Analytics System


Publish Date
13 April 2011

Last Update
20 April 2011

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