IBM Passenger Rail Reservation Service

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Published 09 December 2010

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IBM Form #: REDP-4714-00
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Authors: Barry Baker,, Jonathan Collins, Connie Walberg, Dan Weber


IBM® Passenger Rail Reservation Service (PRRS) is a workload optimized offering that consists of a set of industry-specific accelerators and middleware. It can be used by a passenger rail company, systems integrator (SI), or independent software vendor (ISV) to accelerate the time to value in the creation of a highly scalable and available rail reservation platform. IBM PRRS is built using a service-oriented approach and can be a critical component of an instrumented, intelligent, and interconnected railroad.

IBM PRRS provides flexible core capabilities to manage foundational components of a rail reservation system, such as inventory, availability, and reservations. Rather than using a collection of general purpose, low level system and database technologies, you can use these foundational services provided by IBM PRRS as the building blocks of your reservation system. These services allow you to focus attention and resources on providing higher level capabilities, such as yield management, multichannel sales, and customer self-service solutions, which are more tightly aligned with and responsive to the ever changing needs of your business.

IBM PRRS is also part of IBM Travel and Transportation Industry Framework, which provides capabilities in five key business domains that are specific to passenger rail. IBM PRRS is part of the Reservation System Modernization domain.

For passenger rail providers, the top industry challenges are centered on capacity and congestion, operational efficiency, reliability, structural and competition issues, and safety and security. With the introduction of IBM PRRS, railroads can focus on tackling these significant challenges, knowing that a key operational system (their reservation system) has a foundation that is workload optimized, flexible, and tailored to their industry based on decades of knowledge and experience.

This IBM Redguide™ publication explains the business value of IBM Passenger Rail Reservation System. It highlights key aspects of the architecture and how it enhances IBM Travel and Transportation Industry Framework.

Table of contents

Executive overview
Business need
Introduction to IBM Passenger Rail Reservation Service
Business value
Service-oriented architecture and passenger rail

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