Adopting Cloud Computing using the WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 09 December 2010, updated 15 December 2010

Authors: Dustin Amrhein, Ruth Willenborg


Are you interested in lowering costs by using existing hardware resources more efficiently? Do you want to increase efficiency with faster and more repeatable deployments of application environments? Most likely you are interested in these improvements, but where and how do you start?

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the benefits of private cloud computing, using the WebSphere® CloudBurst™ appliance (referred to as WebSphere Cloudburst). This appliance is part of the overall IBM CloudBurst family of products.

WebSphere CloudBurst is used in the daily operations of the WebSphere Application Server Development and Test Organization (WASDTO), part of the IBM Software Group. Using WebSphere CloudBurst, WASDTO successfully demonstrated the benefits of private cloud computing. This paper defines the approach taken and the results achieved from the incremental adoption of WebSphere CloudBurst technology. As a result of this implementation, hardware utilization was increased from an average of 10% to an average of 60%, deployment times were shortened from 3 hours to 20 minutes, and security issues from non-compliant deployments were eliminated.

The WASDTO team is responsible for testing new releases of WebSphere Application Server, spanning eight releases and a test laboratory with over 2000 servers. The capabilities of the appliance were demonstrated by the team’s implementation of many automated processes, including the following processes:

  • Rapid deployment and removal of WebSphere topologies
  • Intelligent management of deployments across hypervisors for optimum performance
  • Customization of patterns to meet security policies

This paper also describes how the team approached the adoption of cloud computing, including business, organizational, and technology perspectives. Each discussion outlines the problem, the specific approach that was taken by WASDTO, and a plan to help you apply our experience to your own adoption of cloud computing.

This paper is intended for anyone who is interested in adopting cloud computing.

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