IBM Content Collector Deployment and Performance Tuning

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This IBM® Redpaper™ publication explains the key areas that need to be considered when planning for IBM Content Collector deployment and performance tuning.

This paper is divided into two major parts. In the first part, we present the questions that need to be asked and answered for a proper system design and the archiving policies, and provide other useful supporting information for the implementation. We discuss workload that is created at the various stages and the archiving process on the front end, on Content Collector, and on the back-end system components to help you understand the effects of design choices.

In the second part of this paper, we deal with operational topics, such as monitoring and tuning the archival system for optimal performance in conjunction with Content Collector. We provide commands and explanations so you can analyze logging output and use this information to tune archiving policies and system settings. We explain techniques to measure system throughput and provide simple mechanisms to diagnose common bottlenecks.

Table of contents

Planning compliance and archiving scenarios
Monitoring and health checks
Performance and scalability
Planning for high availability and load balancing
Planning for backup and disaster recovery

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13 October 2010

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