SOA Runtime Metadata Management using WebSphere Service Registry and Repository and WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 22 September 2010

Authors: Kurt Baumann


In this IBM® Redpaper™, we provide an automated solution to asynchronously promote centrally managed service artifacts from a governance production environment to runtime environments. The solution combines the promotion capability of WebSphere® Service Registry and Repository with the file transfer capability of WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition.

This paper describes the following topics:

  • Discuss the solution at a high level, describes the essential components of both products, and shows how they integrate.
  • Lists the products to be installed on the separate environments. The section ends with simple test cases to verify that the installed products integrate.
  • Provides a detailed description of all required configuration steps to enable the automated promotion process without any user interaction. The section ends with simple test cases to verify that promotion works.
  • Executes various scenarios to show how the automated promotion process works from end-to-end.
  • Introduces two additional features: archiving promotion .zip files and promoting to multiple runtime production environments.
  • Shows the various log files that you can use, if problems occur.

Table of contents

- Solution overview
- Installation
- Configuration and customizing
- Running the automated promotion process
- Enhancements
- Troubleshooting

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