Provisioning Linux on IBM System z with Tivoli Service Automation Manager

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Published 04 May 2010

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IBM Form #: REDP-4663-00
(24 pages)

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Authors: Paul Sutera


This IBM® Redpaper™ document describes a methodology that Linux® on IBM System z® users can employ to perform system provisioning tasks while creating the system management infrastructure required for cloud computing. Cloud computing offers dynamically scalable IT resources, on demand self-service, network access, rapid up and down scalability, resource pooling, flexibility, and pay per use.

The paper outlines the use of a subset of IBM Tivoli® Service Automation Manager functions for rapid installation (provisioning) and management of Linux on System z virtual servers. Tivoli Service Automation Manager software supports several of the Linux on System z distributions at one or more of the recent versions of these products.

Many companies face a rapidly changing IT landscape in which the information technology assets and environments require significant staff and budgets to install, configure, and manage. Tivoli Service Automation Manager can be used to rapidly create, configure, provision, and de-provision servers, thus saving time and reducing costs.

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