SnapManager 1.0 for Hyper-V

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Published 09 November 2011

Authors: Alex Osuna, Kyle Burrell, Luiz Paulo Moreira, Amrita Das, Ravi B


Backups, restores, and disaster recovery can place a huge overhead on the Hyper-V virtual infrastructure. SnapManager for Hyper-V simplifies and automates the backup process by leveraging the underlying N series Snapshot and SnapRestore technologies to provide fast, space-efficient, disk-based backups and rapid, granular restore and recovery of virtual machines (VMs) and the associated data sets. This document details the recommendations for deploying and using SnapManager 1.0 for Hyper-V.

With the adoption of virtualization technologies, data centers have been transformed, and the number of physical servers drastically reduced. Virtualization has had many positive effects, not only reducing the number of physical systems, but also reducing network, power, and administrative overhead.

In contrast to physical environments, where server resources are underutilized, fewer resources are available in virtualized environments. Where each physical server had dedicated network and CPU resources, virtual machines (VMs) must now share those same resources, which can result in performance issues, especially while backing up the virtual environment, as many VMs utilize host network and CPU resources concurrently. As a result, backups that once completed during non-business hours have seen their backup window grow.

SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV) addresses the resource utilization issue typically found within virtual environments by leveraging the underlying N series Snapshot technology, thereby reducing the CPU and network load on the host platforms and drastically reducing the time required for backups to complete. SMHV can be quickly installed and configured for use in Hyper-V environments, saving valuable time during backups and allowing quick and efficient restorations, thus reducing administrative overhead.

This IBM® Redpaper™ provides recommendations for deploying SMHV to back up and recover Hyper-V VMs. It describes the key features and recommendations for effectively managing the complete backup life cycle for Hyper-V VMs. This document is intended for Hyper-V administrators, storage administrators, backup administrators, and architects implementing a backup, restore, and disaster recovery solution for Hyper-V environments running on N series storage. For detailed instructions about installation and configuration, refer to the SnapManager for Hyper-V Installation and Administration Guide available on the IBM Storage support website.

Table of contents

SnapManager 1.0 For Hyper-v
SMHV simplifies backup and recovery
The SMHV process flow
Scheduled backups and retention policies
High availability
Application consistency
Summary of SnapManager for Hyper-V recommendations

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