Getting Started with WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture

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Service Component Architecture (SCA) defines a service-based model for building business process applications using an SOA approach. This ability to drive a business process using individual, reusable services is the heart of the SOA concept. With IBM® WebSphere® Application Server Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture, you can deploy SCA applications to WebSphere Application Server.

This IBM Redpaper™ publication provides a starting point for using the Feature Pack for SCA. It provides an architectural view of SCA and of the Feature Pack. In addition, this paper explains how to create simple SCA components from existing Java™ and Spring implementations. It discusses how to apply quality of service to applications, and how to deploy and manage SCA artifacts in WebSphere Application Server. The examples in this paper use Rational® Application Developer to illustrate how to create and package SCA applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Feature Pack for SCA technical overview
Chapter 2. Installation tips
Chapter 3. Creating an SCA application
Chapter 4. Deploying an SCA application
Chapter 5. Administering SCA applications with the administrative console
Chapter 6. Administering SCA applications with wsadmin
Chapter 7. Attaching Quality of Service properties
Chapter 8. Using JMS bindings
Chapter 9. Using a Spring implementation as an SCA component


Publish Date
24 March 2010

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