Getting Started with the WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications V1.0

An IBM Redpaper publication


This IBM® Redpaper™ provides information about the architecture and implementation of the features in the IBM WebSphere® Application Server Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications, V1.0 (referred to as the CEA feature pack). This paper is considered an entry point into the information. Use this paper to learn what the feature pack is, how you might use it to improve your customer's experience on a Web site, and to get an idea of how it is implemented.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM Websphere Application Server Feature Pack for CEA 1.0
Chapter 2. Enabling applications for communications
Chapter 3. CEA Feature Pack architecture
Chapter 4. REST interface
Chapter 5. Using widgets for telephony and Web collaboration
Chapter 6. Using Web services for telephony
Chapter 7. External Web services support
Chapter 8. Working with SIP applications


Publish Date
25 February 2010

Last Update
11 March 2010

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