IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7: Solutions Architecture

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Published 14 December 2009

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IBM Form #: REDP-4602-00
(96 pages)

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Authors: Ted Kirby, Jonathan Matthew, Gary Stone


The IBM® WebSphere® eXtreme Scale product provides a powerful, elastic, high-performance, and scalable in-memory data grid. This paper will help IT architects understand how this data grid can be used to enhance application performance and scalability. It introduces the concepts behind eXtreme Scale and shows how it addresses the challenges of scalability and throughput found in today’s business applications.

You will find information on entry points for integrating WebSphere eXtreme Scale into your environment, and a decision tree to help you select the features of eXtreme Scale that are especially suitable for improving performance in your environment.

This paper takes you through a number of application scenarios to illustrate the benefits that eXtreme Scale can provide. And finally, it provides an in-depth architectural discussion to help you understand how the product works and how it is integrated into an existing application environment.

This paper is a follow-on to Users Guide to WebSphere eXtreme Scale, SG24-7683 , updating the architectural content for WebSphere eXtreme Scale V7. The technical portion of that book is still relevant and can be used as a guide to the implementation of eXtreme Scale.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to WebSphere eXtreme Scale
Chapter 2. Approaches to implementation
Chapter 3. Application scenarios
Chapter 4. Architecture, design concepts, and topologies

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