Batch Processing with WebSphere Compute Grid: Delivering Business Value to the Enterprise

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Published 11 January 2010

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IBM Form #: REDP-4566-00
(26 pages)

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Authors: Snehal Antani


Batch processing remains a mission critical workload for many enterprises. Existing batch applications have developed over time in a “home-grown” and silo'd fashion, with each application providing the underlying services required for the processing to occur. With today’s emphasis on reducing costs while satisfying ever-growing demands for business agility and increased efficiency, pressure has been placed on enterprises to improve the operations, development and maintenance of their batch systems. New requirements must also be addressed such as reduced windows for operation and increases in data that makes it imperative for batch systems to scale and perform.

WebSphere Compute Grid can provide the answer to these requirements for improved batch processing, while ensuring that enterprises will remain agile, scalable, and cost efficient. WebSphere Compute Grid delivers a complete, cloud-enabled batch-processing platform for the enterprise.

This IBM RedGuide can help you understand the issues that enterprises face today with regard to batch processing, and how WebSphere Compute Grid can be used to resolve these issues. It provides insight into how WebSphere Compute Grid works and uses a sample business value assessment to illustrate the potential cost savings an enterprise might experience.

Table of contents

Executive overview
The batch platform
An example Business Value Assessment
Additional resources

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