Managed File Transfer for SOA using IBM WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition

An IBM Redguide publication

Published 03 August 2009

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IBM Form #: REDP-4533-00
(14 pages)

Authors: Martin Keen, David Ward, Ran Gu, Eugene Kuehlthau, Leonard McWilliams


For many organizations, the exchange of files between business systems remains a common and important integration methodology. Files are the simplest unit of data to exchange and often represent the lowest common denominator to connect disparate systems for an enterprise infrastructure.

A managed file transfer system introduces control, management, and auditabilty to address problems that arise when ad-hoc file transfers are used to integrate or connect business systems in the enterprise.

IBM® WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition provides an enterprise-grade managed file transfer capability that is both robust and easy to use. WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition exploits the proven reliability and connectivity of WebSphere MQ to transfer files across a wide range of platforms and networks.WebSphere MQ File Transfer Edition takes advantage of existing WebSphere MQ networks, and you can integrate it easily with existing file transfer systems.

This IBM Redguides™ publication provides a business overview of WebSphere® MQ File Transfer Edition.

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