Harnessing the SAN to Create a Smarter Infrastructure

An IBM Redguide publication

Published 17 March 2009

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IBM Form #: REDP-4517-00
(20 pages)

Authors: Jon Tate


The world is getting smaller and flatter, but it must also get smarter. Every day, the world is becoming more instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent, creating new opportunities at both a societal and organizational level. By harnessing our increasingly digitized world, we can solve intractable social problems, bring organizations closer to customers, and vastly shrink decision windows that help executives achieve competitive advantage.
Key challenges for today’s organizations are to:

- Achieve superior, differentiated service delivery
- Reduce costs and optimize return on investment of all business assets
- Manage and mitigate business risk
- Act with agility and speed

Meeting any one of these challenges, let alone all of them, requires a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness within an organization’s underlying business and IT infrastructure. Unfortunately, many of the assets that comprise today’s infrastructure are rigid, siloed, and outdated, driving cost and complexity to unsustainable levels while hampering organizational maneuverability. Today’s infrastructure is not prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. For many organizations, change is imperative.

In this IBM Redguide™ publication, we show how integrating IBM technology and solutions allows you to solve those key challenges.

Table of contents

Executive overview
The Storage Area Network
SAN components
The importance of standards
What the SAN of the future will look like
The role of a SAN in solving business problems
Motivations for implementing a SAN
SAN enablement of the Storage Information Infrastructure
The Storage Information Infrastructure
Storage innovations for the dynamic infrastructure
Videos and podcasts
Case study
Other resources for more information

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