IBM System Storage Business Continuity Solutions Overview

An IBM Redguide publication

Published 17 March 2009

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IBM Form #: REDP-4516-00
(44 pages)

Authors: Sangam Racherla, Bertrand Dufrasne


In today’s online, highly connected, fast-paced world, we expect that information technology (IT) systems will provide high availability, continuous operations, and can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster. Thankfully, current IT technology also features unprecedented levels of functionality, features, and lowered cost. By gaining an increased ability to understand, evaluate, select, and implement solutions that successfully answer Business Continuity requirements, enterprises can continue to maintain marketplace readiness, competitive advantage, and sustainable growth.

In this highly competitive business marketplace, there is little room for error in terms of availability, continuous operations, or recovery in the event of an unplanned outage. In today’s
connected world, an event that makes the business data unavailable, even for relatively short periods of time, has the potential to cause a major impact.

In this IBM® Redguide™ publication, we give you an overview of the Business Continuity solutions and offerings that will lead you in the right direction to choose the best solution for your organization and ensure your organization’s continued availability. We present an overview and descriptions of IBM System Storage™ Business Continuity Solutions for Backup/Restore, Rapid Data Recovery, and Continuous Availability. We discuss IT Business Continuity concepts and provide advice, tips, and a roadmap for selecting the optimum IT Business Continuity solution for your organization. We also describe IBM System Storage products that can fulfill your IT Business Continuity solution design.

Table of contents

Executive overview
Business context: Business Continuity

Selecting Business Continuity solutions
Roadmap to IT Business Continuity
The System Storage Resiliency Portfolio
The tiers of Business Continuity
Select a solution by segment

End-to-end Business Continuity solution components
Continuous Availability
Rapid Data Recovery
Backup and Restore

Business Continuity for small and medium sized business
Small and medium sized business overview
Business Continuity for SMB companies
Successful SMB Business Continuity planning and implementation
SMB Business Continuity solution components

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