WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Best Practices

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 12 November 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4461-00
(112 pages)

Authors: Akiko Mitake, Fabio Santos Bento da Silva


WebSphere® Virtual Enterprise extends WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, providing an enhanced quality of service in dynamic operations and extended manageability. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise provides application server virtualization, resource management, and a host of advanced operational facilities, such as performance visualization, health monitoring, and application editions. This combination of capabilities is sometimes referred to collectively as dynamic operations.

This IBM® Redpaper publication discusses leading practices for WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Version 6.1. It provides complementary documentation to the WebSphere Virtual Enterprise Information Center. The paper starts by discussing some of the more common topologies for setting up a Virtual Enterprise environment. It provides information about advantages, disadvantages, and guidance on how to implement the topology. It also touches on high focus areas in WebSphere Virtual Enterprise, including service policies, health management, application hosting and chargeback, and product maintenance.

Prior to V6.1.0.3, WebSphere Virtual Enterprise was known as WebSphere Extended Deployment Operations Optimization. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise is now available as part of WebSphere Extended Deployment, or as a separate package.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Virtual enterprise runtime topologies
Chapter 2. Service policies
Chapter 3. Health management
Chapter 4. Application hosting and chargeback
Chapter 5. Product maintenance

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