IBM Connectivity Reviewer's Guide

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 04 June 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4434-00
(134 pages)

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Authors: Luc Chamberland, John Colgrave, Dermot Flaherty, Greg Flurry, Laura Gardash, Michael Hudson, Ben Mann, Anthony O’Dowd, Robert Phippen, Piotr Przybylski, Marc-Thomas Schmidt, Gari Singh


Enterprise IT environments continue to grow in complexity, through natural expansion or mergers and acquisitions. As the pace of business demand accelerates, IT environments look more for opportunities to flexibly reuse existing applications, services, and data. With the IBM® connectivity portfolio of products, these IT environments can discover and reuse services, expose and use application services, and route and transform messages. The set of capabilities (in the IBM connectivity portfolio) supports client requests for a broad service-oriented architecture (SOA) infrastructure that addresses the need to bridge and streamline communication in heterogeneous IT environments.

In this IBM Redpaper publication, we provide an overview of the IBM connectivity portfolio to market watchers who have a keen interest in understanding the most current connectivity technology releases, and how IBM is taking them to the next level. Specifically, we review the key benefits and features of the following products:

  • IBM WebSphere® MQ
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
  • IBM WebSphere DataPower®
  • IBM WebSphere Adapters
  • IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender
  • IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Table of contents

Chapter 1. SOA connectivity for enterprise solutions
Chapter 2. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere MQ
Chapter 3. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere Message Broker
Chapter 4. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus
Chapter 5. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere DataPower
Chapter 6. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere Adapters
Chapter 7. Enabling universal data transformation with WebSphere Transformation Extender
Chapter 8. Enabling connectivity with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

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