IBM Tivoli Security Solutions for Microsoft Software Environments

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Published 30 September 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4430-00
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Authors: Axel Buecker, Neil Readshaw


You can use IBM® Tivoli® Security products to build open, flexible, and scalable solutions to address business requirements in the areas of:
-- Identity and access management
-- Security information and event management

One of the many strengths of the IBM Tivoli Security offerings is that they are designed and implemented as cross-platform solutions. This design enables broad adoption of the solutions across the range of disparate platforms typically found in an enterprise. IBM Tivoli Security solutions are, therefore, an excellent choice as organizations move further towards service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the security integration challenges present in SOA.

In many enterprises, software solutions from Microsoft® are important components of the IT strategy. In this IBM Redpaper publication, we consider the use of IBM Tivoli Security solutions in Microsoft environments from a number of perspectives. In this paper, we discuss:
Architectures and standards that are common to IBM Tivoli Security and Microsoft software.

IBM Tivoli Security solutions running on Microsoft operating systems utilizing Microsoft middleware.

How to secure a Microsoft software environment with IBM Tivoli Security solutions.

IBM Tivoli Security solutions providing improved security and security management for Microsoft operating systems, middleware, and applications through integration.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Architecture and standards
Chapter 2. IBM Tivoli Security Solutions using Microsoft operating systems and middleware
Chapter 3. Integration with Microsoft software environments

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