DB2 for z/OS: Considerations on Small and Large Packages

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 14 July 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4424-00
(18 pages)

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Authors: Dan Weis, Paolo Bruni


In this IBM® Redpaper, after some introductory background information on packages, we discuss the CPU utilization by packages related to two situations: when a small number of short-running SQL statements out of many SQL statements in a large package are executed and when a set of short-running SQL statements out of many different packages are executed. These two specific situations have become critical in some environments due to the performance difference after migration from DB2® V7 to V8. DB2 V8 has shown an increase in CPU associated with the major changes in functionalities. We show the measured CPU across V7, V8, and V9, highlight the improvement provided by V9, and provide some general tips on reducing CPU utilization by packages.

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