Case Study: Architecting SOA Solutions for Changing Economic Environments

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 31 March 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4414-00
(16 pages)

Authors: Martin Keen, Erica Carmel, Adeola Allison


The agility and flexibility of SOA solutions make them suitable to virtually any economic environment. SOA solutions bring significant value to growing organizations and even to organizations experiencing a slowdown.

Using SOA scenarios from IBM® , this paper illustrates how a fictitious company called JKHL Enterprises (JKHLE) uses SOA to adapt to changing economic conditions within their organization, including rapid growth and a slowdown. Though many companies might not want to invest in SOA initiatives during economic slowdown, these periods actually provide a time when SOA can provide tactical as well as strategic return on investment. SOA allows a company to address business and IT challenges efficiently, yielding an organization that can face the present as well as the future.

The paper provides an IT architectural view of how SOA solutions can help as business demand changes and is intended for an IT Architect audience.

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