WebSphere eXtreme Scale Mediator Pattern

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 29 July 2008

Authors: Edward Oguejiofor, Gopinath Kesavan, Vincent Pedroza


The IBM® WebSphere® Extended Deployment provide dynamic and high performance computing infrastructure across range of application servers and execution environments. In addition it enhances the utilization and operational management of the infrastructure. In version 6.1, WebSphere Extended Deployment delivers additional capabilities in three functionally independent and separately available components. WebSphere Virtual Enterprise provides application server virtualization, resource management and operational facilities, such as performance visualization, health monitoring, and application versioning. WebSphere eXtreme Scale provides high-end caching and transaction partitioning capabilities. WebSphere eXtreme Scale delivers performance improvements across a wide range of application scenarios. Compute Grid provides dynamic workload management which offers support for mixed application types and ensures that service levels are met for priority requests. It also supports new batch-like jobs referred to as native execution.

In this IBM Redpaper publication, we describe the concepts, programming model and implementation of the mediator application pattern using WebSphere eXtreme Scale. The WebSphere eXtreme Scale mediator pattern promotes loose coupling between architectural components while maintaining unified interfaces. Usually large and distributed systems are fairly complex making it difficult and expensive to change. The WebSphere eXtreme Scale mediator pattern enables the introduction of the ObjectGrid cache into distributed messaging and service oriented applications, without altering the interfaces and behavior, to provide significant improvement in performance, availability and scalability.

As an architect, solution designer or developer, this book is aimed at you. The goal is to enable you to create solutions that take advantage of the features of WebSphere eXtreme Scale.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to WebSphere eXtreme Scale
Chapter 2. ObjectGrid programming model
Chapter 3. The WebSphere eXtreme Scale mediator pattern
Chapter 4. The base application
Chapter 5. The ObjectGrid mediator application
Appendix A. Additional material

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