Understanding IT Perimeter Security

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This IBM Redpaper publication takes a close look at the enterprise IT network perimeter, which has been diluted from a well-defined set of ingress and egress points to a mesh of undetectable flows from devices capable of accessing and penetrating corporate resources. The days of keeping the bad guys out by building a well-defined wall are definitely over. Businesses and organizations require collaboration with internal and external business partners, customers, and employees, which further removes walls and protective barriers.

In this paper, we discuss how the variety of endpoints that were once considered to be have now become the perimeter itself. With this idea in mind, we investigate how you can build a strong security solution to protect the valuable assets accessible through the IT infrastructure.

The target audience for this paper is IT architects, IT specialists, and security administrators.

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Publish Date
09 June 2008

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02 November 2009

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