Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment in a Retail Environment

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Published 08 February 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4372-00
(182 pages)

Authors: Vasfi Gucer, Leif Egeholm Nielsen, John Hardegree, David Kwock


Retail environments, like many other industries, are continuously seeking ways to reduce costs and improve their competitive advantages.

One area where cost reduction is at play is with the IT deployed in the warehouses. Because this environment is so distributed, significant cost savings can be achieved if the hardware and software can be maintained without having to be physically present in the warehouse.

This IBM® Redpaper presents the IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for OS Deployment software product as a solution to help customers reduce costs for deploying operating systems to point-of-sale devices in a highly distributed environment.

Additionally, this paper introduces a solution that is developed specifically for IBM Technical Support to reduce the recovery time whenever a software or hardware failure requires a system to be redeployed.

The audience for this paper includes IT managers in the retail sector and technical support people in areas with point-of-sale or kiosk systems. Technical support people in other highly distributed environments can also benefit from the information included in this paper.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. First-time installations
Chapter 3. Mass-distribution scenarios
Chapter 4. Redeployment scenarios
Chapter 5. System image snapshots
Chapter 6. Real-world deployment scenarios
Appendix A. Alternate boot sequence on POS systems
Appendix B. Additional material

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