IBM Tivoli Security and System z

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Published 03 January 2008, updated 28 January 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4355-00
(26 pages)

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Authors: Axel Buecker, David Edwards


This IBM Redpaper is a summary of the coverage of our products (Tivoli Security products) on the mainframe, or System z, both in what runs on System z and what management/security of System z resources we can provide.

This paper introduces some of the platforms (and their terminology) for the mainframe, or System z. It then looks at the Tivoli Access and Identity Management as well as risk and compliance solutions and their System z footprint. The paper is broken up into the following parts:

- What is all this z?
- Directory and data integration on z
- Identity and access management products
- Risk and compliance products
- Conclusion

This paper assumes that you are familiar with the Tivoli Security suite but not familiar with the mainframe and the security offerings there.

The update from January 28, 2008 fixes a broken Web link.

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