WebSphere Process Server for z/OS Configuring a stand-alone server environment

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Published 27 December 2007

Authors: G Michael Connolly, Jo Johnston, Erdmann Treffurth, Eran Yona


WebSphere Process Server for z/OS forms part of the WebSphere Business Integration family of products that provide functionality for implementing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) on System z.
This paper book provides a detailed step by step configuration guide to setting up a Standalone WebSphere Application Server Cell and then implementing WebSphere Process Server with DB2 in that cell. We decided to configure WebSphere Process Server this way because it is simple to configure and provides a cell that typically could be used for pilot projects or for initial applications development or for software upgrade verification. It gives a simple insight into the way WebSphere Process Server is configured, before setting up WebSphere Process Server in the more complex WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment cell.

Table of contents

z/OS WebSphere Process Server stand alone configuration with DB2
Appendix A. Additional material

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