Migration of Payments System to ACI BASE24-eps

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Published 27 August 2007

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IBM Form #: REDP-4337-00
(88 pages)

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Authors: Paola Bari, John Cowling, Peter Enders, George Georgiou, Claus Koefoed


This IBM Redpaper discusses the migration of a customer’s existing payment environment to a new solution, based on ACI Worldwide’s BASE24-eps product (formerly known as BASE24-es), running on an IBM System z infrastructure.

This document covers the following topics:
- General considerations on migrations, their necessity, and financial implications
- An introduction to the ACI Worldwide BASE24-eps product
- Items to be migrated and scope of the work
- Designing a migration plan
- IBM Smart Bank showcase environment running in Montpellier, France
- An example of a migration to ACI Worldwide BASE24-eps based on the IBM Smart Bank environment

The choice of an infrastructure based on the IBM System z platform in this paper is primarily for reasons of document scope, and because this platform is frequently found as an integration hub in customer installations. It will be equally possible to perform the portrayed migrations to other infrastructures, based on platforms such as UltraSPARC from SUN, System p from IBM, Integrity from HP, and Integrity NonStop, also from HP.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. BASE24-eps migration overview
Chapter 2. Introducing BASE24-eps
Chapter 3. Defining a migration plan
Chapter 4. Designing a migration plan
Chapter 5. The IBM Smart Bank showcase environment
Chapter 6. Sample of a migration to ACI Worldwide BASE24-eps based on the IBM Smart Bank environment
Chapter 7. Closing perspectives

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