Installing and Configuring WebSphere Portal Express V6 on i5/OS

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This IBM Redpaper provides an overview of the WebSphere Portal V6.0 family on the System i platform and positions WebSphere Portal Express V6.0 within the portal family. This IBM Redpaper provides the information you need to prepare your System i i5/OS environment before starting the installation and configuration of WebSphere Portal Express Version 6. It includes step-by-step instructions that will help system administrators and IT consultants to quickly deploy WebSphere Portal Express into a production environment on a System i machine.

This IBM Redpaper also incudes information that helps you to perform the initial tuning of your portal environment. It also explains how to configure SSL to protect sensitive login information to the portal and LDAP servers. Finally, it explains how to perform a save of a WebSphere Portal Express V6 profile while it is online and actively in use.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to WebSphere Portal Express V6
Chapter 2. Preparing your i5/OS environment for WebSphere Portal Express
Chapter 3. Installing and configuring WebSphere Portal Express
Chapter 4. Initial performance tuning
Chapter 5. Enabling Secure Sockets Layer
Chapter 6. Online backup and recovery
Appendix A. Upgrading to WebSphere Portal Express V6.0.1


Publish Date
06 November 2007

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