Using IBM System Storage N Series Technology and DB2 9 HADR to Build a Standby Database

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 08 April 2008

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IBM Form #: REDP-4278-00
(52 pages)

Authors: Alex Osuna, Dale McInnis, Jawahar Lal, Roger Sanders


DB2 customers using IBM N Series storage systems at the back end must take advantage of advanced features of Data ONTAP® such as SnapMirror, FlexVol™, FlexClone, and RAID-DP™ to ensure data availability and reliability. These features combined with HADR deliver highest ROI. SnapMirror allows building a standby database in few quick and easy steps. Similarly, the FlexClone technology allows creating an exact copy of the standby database without consuming any additional space. The scope of this IBM Redpaper is limited to building a DB2 HADR environment and creating a read/write copy of the standby database. This IBM Redpaper demonstrates how to use SnapMirror to build the standby database for an HADR configuration and create a read/write copy of the standby using FlexClone technology.

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