IBM System Storage N series MultiStore Discovery, Monitoring, and Reporting in Operations Manager

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Published 01 May 2007

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IBM Form #: REDP-4277-00
(26 pages)

Authors: Alex Osuna, Helvio Homem, Manoj Jain


IBM system storage networking and storage resources can be partitioned, with the help of Data ONTAP MultiStore technology, into virtual filers. Each virtual filer logically appears on the network as a separate storage resource. More importantly, these virtual filers and the resources (storage and network) that they use are dynamically configurable.

Virtual filers can be grouped into one or more IP spaces, each of which represents an independent, secure network with its own addressing and routing. This capability allows companies to design and manage their IT infrastructure more effectively. It also gives service providers a tool to provision new customers quickly and efficiently, and gives organizations the confidence to out source complex IT management tasks to a single, cost-effective center of excellence.

Operations Manager (OM) Version 3.3 is the first version to allow administrators to discover, manage, and monitor virtual filers running on physical storage systems. However, for this book all of the information is based on OM Version 3.4.1.

Table of contents

The paper
MultiStore monitoring and management
MultiStore reporting and CLI enhancements

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