Implementing Sun Solaris on IBM BladeCenter Servers

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The Solaris™ operating system from Sun™ Microsystems is an important platform for many IBM® customers. Solaris is supported on many of our blade servers and options, as well as servers in our System x™ product line.

This IBM Redpaper describes how to install Solaris on supported BladeCenter servers, either natively or with the use of a Solaris Installation Server. We describe how to incorporate the latest patches to Solaris from Sun, plus updated drivers for the Ethernet and RAID devices in the blade servers. We explain how to implement Fibre Channel storage and how to configure boot from SAN. We also show how to integrate blade servers running Solaris into an IBM Director or SNMP-based management infrastructure.

This paper is aimed toward IBM customers who are already familiar with the use of Solaris on platforms other than the IBM BladeCenter solution.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Technical overview
Chapter 2. Installation
Chapter 3. Management
Chapter 4. Storage


Publish Date
07 August 2007

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09 October 2007

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