Building Composite Applications in Lotus Expeditor V6.1

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Published 20 February 2007

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IBM Form #: REDP-4241-00
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Authors: Juan R. Rodriguez, Alex Coqueiro Barbosa, Rafael Sanchez, Robert Schneider


This IBM Redpaper covers composite applications for desktop solutions that require multiple types of applications to run in a Lotus Expeditor V6.1 collaboration environment by providing inter-communication between components. SOA composite applications deliver high levels of business services and this IBM Redpaper covers the architecture, available tools, component considerations, assembling, deploying and wiring components in Lotus Expeditor V6.1 composite applications.

Lotus Expeditor is a client platform for end-to-end smart client application solutions. Expeditor provides services to install and manage these applications and allow users to easily launch and switch among these applications.

Expeditor leverages Eclipse technology to provide a client solution that runs on multiple operating systems. The benefits of composite applications include reducing the total cost of ownership for client solutions through reusability of existing components and the sharing of these components across applications, migrating existing applications to run on the client platform until such time as a business deems it necessary to fully exploit the client platform, controlling access to applications based on roles assigned to users and improving the user experience by allowing users to easily switch among multiple applications.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Composite applications
Chapter 2. Components in composite applications
Chapter 3. Managed applications
Chapter 4. Component communication
Chapter 5. The ITSO Car Rental sample composite application
Appendix A. Additional material

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