A Simple Example: Using the WebSphere Adapter for Flat File

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Published 28 December 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4235-00
(98 pages)

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Authors: Lee Gavin, Anand Natraj Chandramohan, Leo Germinario, Steve Hellin, Sridhar Kuna, Wangming Ye


WebSphere Adapters Version 6.0 provide a service-oriented approach to integration with Enterprise Information Systems (EIS).

WebSphere Adapters are compliant with J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA 1.5). JCA is the J2EE standard for EIS connectivity. EIS Import and EIS Export provide SCA components with the uniform view of the services external to the module. This allows components to communicate with a variety of external EIS systems using the consistent SCA programming model. WebSphere Adapters are assembled in WebSphere Integration Developer from imported RAR files and then exported as an Enterprise Application Archive (EAR) file and deployed on WebSphere ESB.

In this IBM Redpaper, we demonstrate a simple example of how to configure and use the WebSphere Adapter for Flat Files to create and read files for use in a service-oriented solution.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. WebSphere Adapter for Flat Files
Chapter 2. Process outbound files
Chapter 3. Process inbound files

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