Reporting with TPCTOOL

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TPCTOOL is a command line interface (CLI) based program which interacts with the TotalStorage Productivity Center Device server and it lets you create graphs and charts with multiple metrics, with different unit types, and for multiple entities (for example, subsystems, volumes, controller, and arrays). Commands are entered as lines of text and output can be received as text.

This IBM Redpaper gives you an overview of the function of TPCTOOL and shows you how to use it to generate reports based on your TotalStorage Productivity Center repository data.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. TPCTOOL - what is it and when you should use it
Chapter 2. TPCTOOL reports and configuration data
Chapter 3. Rules of thumb
Chapter 4. Quick start for disk performance monitoring
Chapter 5. Sample TPCTOOL reports
Chapter 6. Macro to create charts from TPCTOOL CLI text file
Chapter 7. Metrics per subsystem


Publish Date
09 August 2007

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